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Christmas decorations and Christmas cake

Xmas decorations
Christmas decorations

Christmas decorations and Christmas cake

The end of the year always seems to be an excuse to create Christmas decorations and cook for family and friends. Isn't this just the best season? A time for planning, baking and tidying just so you can see family and friends you haven't seen all year! But it really can be a lot of fun if you have annual projects to tick off your 'to do' list.
Xmas fruit cake
Christmas cake
I’ve baked three Christmas cakes this year. Why three cakes when I hardly eat it? Simply because I love baking the annual cake and giving two of them away. I use an old fashioned wedding cake recipe from a 1970's cookbook, its a lovely rich fruit cake which is ideal as a Xmas cake.
I also attempted coloured shortbread for a change from regular Xmas shapes with cachous on top.  I'm not 100% sure about colouring shortbread, but it was fun trying, the shortbread recipe is another oldie but goodie.  

Christmas decorations

I like to change up the Xmas decorations for the front door, last year it was this paper wreath.Dads photos 160 This year, I made this bauble wreath.
Christmas decorations
bauble wreath
Both wreaths used a cheap foam ring from the craft store. The paper one was a great way to justify the hoarding of all those magazines you keep but never look at again! Well this is the end of my first post. I can only hope I  improve in 2016.   All the best to you and your loved ones.