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Monthly Archives: March 2016

Plums and Ponies

Bottled plums and sock pony

plumssock pony               This month I had a lot of fun making bottled plums and a sock pony or hobby horse. I had a bumper crop of plums, for the first time this year. To be fair the trees have only been in about 3-4 years. Whilst they have fruited each year, this is the first time I had so many I needed to bottle them.  If you have any room in your garden plant a plum tree, (actually 2 as they need the bees to pollinate from another one, or you can get a grafted one with two cultivars on the one tree, very handy if you have little room), kids adore climbing plum trees and picking their own fruit, actually I enjoy it too, and nothing tastes sweeter than picking your own fresh fruit! bottled plums Anyway I digress. So as one of my trees is a Santa Rosa, it fruits earlier, and is a lovely yellow skinned flesh, so a great eating plum and the other is a Black Doris, and whilst nice to eat, she is a fabulous bottled plum, and makes a very nice plum sauce as well. And as my friend is having a hoe down birthday party later in the year, and is having a photo booth, I decided to make a start on some decorations, and one of the props is a Sock pony or hobby horse or two.sock ponies Hope you find these amusing or helpful, or both. Take care Sue-Ellen