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Monthly Archives: April 2016


travel Well here it is, I have decided to throw it all in and move from Auckland - New Zealands biggest city, to the South Island and set up a B&B or a backpackers. I know some pepople will embrace what I am doing, and wish me all the best, and then there will be the nay sayers who can bring up every excuse not to have a big adventure, and bring up every scenario of “what if”. Well I have one big “what if”. What if I died tomorrow? Would I be happy I had achieved all the things I wanted to do? Look, as I see it, first there was Captain Cook on the big OE and then all the early European settlers, who upped sticks and moved on a rickety boat for six months right across the world to a little known country at the bottom of the world called New Zealand. Now they were brave. So in the spirit of our early settlers, I am going on the big adventure, somehwere in the north of the South Island. Marlborough -region of great wine makers, and the gorgeous Marlborough sounds. Or Tasman Bay area, somnewhere areound the Abel Tasman walk. Today the real estate agent comes to list my house, so I need to get cleaning and tidying for the sale! Wish me luck!