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Daily Archives: October 2, 2016


With the information of the Antique fair in hand, I had a lot of visions in my head that I would of course find stunning items and could short cut my shopping expedition. Alas no, as soon as I walked in I could see it was mostly ceramics, pottery, and jewellery. I did however find some stunning cut crystal port and whisky decanters. As the current lodge owner serves port and whisky I figure I should continue with it. And the pieces I found I am very happy with. But more than anything I am thrilled that I found a Jacobean looking English oak piece which is a good looking original Victorian piece which will look spectacular with the port and whisky decanters. img_2097 Next stop was Briscoes, on sale this weekend, and I needed some good fry pans for breakfast, for the bacon, eggs, French toast, mushrooms. I also wanted to get some stunning jam dishes to serve my homemade jams, and some wee ramekins for the compote with the French toast and possibly crepes as I bought a crepe pan. What a successful day in a city I don’t know; where all I can do is put the addresses into the GPS and hope the place I want to visit is a place near where I am. Along the way I found The Tannery a cluster of shops installed in what was the Woolston tannery, a glorious setting, with Victorian tiling on the floors and a lovely glass ceiling. img_2099 I have to give accolades to a city with the most spectacular gardens and as the daffodils, tulips and blossoms are out around Hagley park, wow, long arcades of blossom. Simply spectacular. blossom