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Daily Archives: October 8, 2016


What a spectacular drive from Christchurch to Oamaru, through Temuka where I found the Temuka pottery store and got two chocolate brown platters, to replace one I broke a number of years ago, the colour is so stunning with Japanese or light coloured foods. img_2176 Oamaru was one of my favourite towns in the South. The last time I was down here, about 15 years ago I fell in love with it! My, oh my, it does not disappoint on the Sue-Ellen scale of towns to love. The architecture is so utterly stunning, all the sandstone and Victorian architecture that they are preserving and rightly so. img_2194 On the way into Oamaru, I thought it was time the dogs had a walk, and had spied the Whitestone cheese factory, so I parked about a kilometre away so we could stretch our legs and go visit the award winning cheesery. (Yes, it is a word!). They won the first NZ award at the WORLD cheese awards, in fact they came 3rd, for their aged soft blue, and I tasted it! Spectacularly good! img_2190 There is an entire precinct in Oamaru that is dedicated to the tourists and is full of fabulous stores that any large city would be proud to have. One happens to be a mix of Javanese and antiques, I had spotted it on line and have made a specific trip here to find it. And just like Oamaru, ‘Oasis’ has not disappointed, it is full of spectacular pieces. And the lovely owner who I had emailed to ask if they are open on Sunday, recognised it must have been me who emailed and he has been most accommodating and has provided exceptional customer service. img_2193 To add to the charm of this wee town, is the botanic gardens, which I am informed is one of the first botanic gardens in NZ. And at this time of the year with the spring bulbs and blossom out on display, it is just gorgeous. img_2217 img_2213