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Daily Archives: October 9, 2016


We walked into Oamaru from the motor camp through the beautiful botanic gardens twice today. Over the Chinese gardens bridge. img_2228 And past this gorgeous ‘Wonderland’ sculpture. img_2231 The first time was to meet with the trader at Oasis to confirm which purchases I wanted. I got a rice cabinet, ironic that I already own a noodle cabinet, I must have a thing about furniture which has been made to store carbohydrates. img_2202 I also found two of these pieces, which I have to admit I had no idea what they were for; as it turns out they are machete sheaths for the workers in the fields. img_2221 Added was a lovely old ginger jar, and a fabulous old Asian blue plate, and an Andrew Van der Putten vase with a gorgeous glaze which is the colour of the Hokitika gorge. img_2196 I also found this fabulous shell lamp, which I love when it is lit up. img_2222