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Daily Archives: October 12, 2016


What a lovely drive through the gold trails of Otago and Southern Lakes. We stopped at Alexandra, had a nice walk through town. Overnight it had snowed, and as a result the temperatures had plummeted to almost Winter temperatures again. It was 6 degrees in Cromwell when we arrived, but oh my was it a very pretty and old historic town. It’s so heart-warming to see old heritage buildings being saved and transformed into viable tourist ventures. img_2269 img_2272 Finally, we arrived in Wanaka, it seems to have grown since I was last here! It is pumping and extremely prosperous, and I do believe it has a better cool vibe than Queenstown. img_2283 We did a great walk along the country lane and down past Rippon vineyards and back into town before heading back up the hill to the holiday park. img_2289 I specifically came here to visit one antique importer, she specialises in Chinese antiques which I have a penchant for, and the store has not disappointed. I have a choice of pieces and need to be aware that I will not get a chance like this for another year to go and shop.