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Daily Archives: October 15, 2016


Yesterday I drove from Wanaka to Haast. A beautiful drive past lakes Hawea and Wanaka. I stopped at Makarora to meet a lady who runs the Makarora tourism site and accommodation where a friend of mine (Jo) from nursing days after school, worked in the early 1980’s as a cook for the Contiki tours. Rhonda is lovely and showed me around and told me how she has been there for 40 years, if that happens to me I will be retiring at 95! Haast was a tiny boon dock town that makes Hokitika look like a Metropolis. I finally found out why camper vans have screens on all the windows, the sand flies there were big, black and sucked like mad on one’s flesh, so down came those screens to keep the critters out as it was like a summers day and we needed the breeze. The drive today wound from the depths of the forests to the coast with gorgeous views like this at Knights point lookout. img_2300 Today we left for Fox and Franz Joseph glaciers. I walked to Fox glacier, through areas that state, do not stop walking for 400metres as there could be an avalanche of boulders! Even going uphill, I was fleet footed and even overtook people when my lungs were burning! There was no boulder that was going to take me out leaving the dogs in the camper to starve. Or more precisely I remembered the last time I left Daisy in the camper she started ripping the plastic wrap off the Super Kazak rug which is to go into the reception area, and I was really worried she would damage the rug! img_2303 There is a constant hum of helicopters as that is the best was to see it now that it has receded so far. img_2301