The dogs water bowl was left outside over night and was frozen this morning! Undeterred the ducks were happy to nibble at dog biscuits! 002 I viewed two properties today, neither of which suited my dreams. One was self-contained as I have wanted, but it was so in need of an overhaul it would have costed me so much it would not be viable. It was called Chardonnay Lodge, but was ever so tired and although it had a tennis court and a pool, it just didn’t do it for me, I want to make something a real experience for tourists with memories to be made. And the 2nd house was spectacular, a huge property and house which was all double glazed, views over the neighbouring vineyards and quite stunning in its finish. And yet still not what I want it was in home guests, for $1.6mill I don’t want to share my house. We drove out to Rarangi where there was another property I wanted to view from the outside, it was lovely on a fantastic beach but on about 7 acres, and far too big for me. 003 Along the walk on the beach I met Janet, a local who is married to a commercial fisherman, they are building their dream house. She told me the house I was looking at was the local doctors. She also filled me in on the weather, the beach and  all about the area. It is lovely and also would be a good option. I gave her a lift home in the camper and she was grinning like a Cheshire cat at the reaction of her husband and neighbour when we drove into her back yard! Her neighbour has just bought a camper van and takes ownership next week, so he was very keen to take a look at flash Harry. I looked at their property right on the waterfront and was very envious of the position, it would suit me perfectly! I left having made new friends and will visit again to see the progress of their house.

About The Author


My name is Sue-Ellen, I love creating things.
I started this blog thinking I would share some recipes and craft which I make when the opportunity arises.
Then my situation changed, and I decided to sell my house in Auckland, buy a campervan and disappear off down to the South Island and have a complete change of lifestyle, and look for a property to develop into a Bed and Breakfast.
The question was; where in the South Island? I figured the Northern area, as that is where they have the greatest hours of sunshine. But should it be the gorgeous Marlborough sounds or the Nelson/Tasman area?
So let me take you along for the ride and show off my gorgeous country on my crazy adventure. There are three of us on this adventure; Daisy, a wheaten terrier, Monty a schnoodle, and me.


  1. June | 23rd Jul 16

    One step closer to finding your dream property. ..really enjoying your blog..keep up the posts

    • Sue-Ellen | 24th Jul 16

      Slowly but surely I will find the dream area and property.

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