Well that was a fun day, the antique store I wanted to visit was finally open, and what a treat it was! On the way in, a lady was coming out to the paddock the antique store sits next to, and there was an orphaned black lamb named Lloyd who had his bottle. He liked being patted, and is going to be kept as a pet now. img_2117 Thanks to a very knowledgeable and helpful owner, I managed to get a lovely French Cherrywood 19th Century server. img_2121 2 French pottery vases, in the colours of the Hokitika river, which I want to be the basis of the  colours of the lodge interior accessories. img_2122 A pointer dog, a calvados bottle, and an oak trug. img_2123 I feel as if I am starting to get a look which will come together nicely.

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My name is Sue-Ellen, I love creating things.
I started this blog thinking I would share some recipes and craft which I make when the opportunity arises.
Then my situation changed, and I decided to sell my house in Auckland, buy a campervan and disappear off down to the South Island and have a complete change of lifestyle, and look for a property to develop into a Bed and Breakfast.
The question was; where in the South Island? I figured the Northern area, as that is where they have the greatest hours of sunshine. But should it be the gorgeous Marlborough sounds or the Nelson/Tasman area?
So let me take you along for the ride and show off my gorgeous country on my crazy adventure. There are three of us on this adventure; Daisy, a wheaten terrier, Monty a schnoodle, and me.

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