This is it, the last day on the road,  after nearly 4 months on the road. We drove from Franz Joseph after trying to find a dog friendly walk and also a bush walk where there is no 1080 being used. Alas it was not possible to find either, and at the risk of my dogs getting poisoned on their last day I was not about to take the risk. img_2304 Therefore we drove the most picturesque, but often daunting winding road, past picture postcard lakes. img_2305 When we arrived in Hokitika it felt like I had arrived home. In fact this is the first time we have been here since we went unconditional this past week, so it really did feel real, and I was heartened to see a road sign showing and arrow to a lodge, not just any lodge, but MY LODGE!!

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My name is Sue-Ellen, I love creating things.
I started this blog thinking I would share some recipes and craft which I make when the opportunity arises.
Then my situation changed, and I decided to sell my house in Auckland, buy a campervan and disappear off down to the South Island and have a complete change of lifestyle, and look for a property to develop into a Bed and Breakfast.
The question was; where in the South Island? I figured the Northern area, as that is where they have the greatest hours of sunshine. But should it be the gorgeous Marlborough sounds or the Nelson/Tasman area?
So let me take you along for the ride and show off my gorgeous country on my crazy adventure. There are three of us on this adventure; Daisy, a wheaten terrier, Monty a schnoodle, and me.

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