DSC01448We went to Kumara for lunch at the Theatre Royal pub (an old gold miners pub) which has been lovingly restored to Victorian splendour. 909 It really was stunning in the finish and the food was great too! Chris & Les had mushroom and blue cheese soup. I replicated it the next day. If I remember I will post the recipe to the ‘fare’ page, it really was very good. I had a fisherman’s basket, 2 of the biggest scallops I have ever seen, a nice fish, alas can’t remember what type as it is obviously a South Island breed of fish. Oh yeah, and hate to boast, but Jenna and I shared a whitebait fritter! 908 There seems to be one day a week the locals all go to another pub down the road from the Rapahoe, the Dunollie pub, there was a pool tournament and also they have a draw of a raffle. I supported both pubs raffles and didn’t win a thing, mind you what I would have done with a large meat pack in a small camper fridge I have no idea, so it would have benefited my brother more than me.

About The Author


My name is Sue-Ellen, I love creating things.
I started this blog thinking I would share some recipes and craft which I make when the opportunity arises.
Then my situation changed, and I decided to sell my house in Auckland, buy a campervan and disappear off down to the South Island and have a complete change of lifestyle, and look for a property to develop into a Bed and Breakfast.
The question was; where in the South Island? I figured the Northern area, as that is where they have the greatest hours of sunshine. But should it be the gorgeous Marlborough sounds or the Nelson/Tasman area?
So let me take you along for the ride and show off my gorgeous country on my crazy adventure. There are three of us on this adventure; Daisy, a wheaten terrier, Monty a schnoodle, and me.


  1. June Robinson | 15th Jul 16

    Thoroughly enjoying your travel tales and your journey is an exciting adventure. Look forward to next Blog

    • Sue-Ellen | 15th Jul 16

      Thanks June, you are my first follower and comment!

  2. Pete | 1st Aug 16

    Hi Floss, June said I could read about your travels here! Hope you are well xx

    • Sue-Ellen | 21st Sep 16

      Thanks for following my moves!

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